Frog Needs Flies thumbnail

Frog Needs Flies

Atari style action/platform game about a tree frog that just needs to eat. Jump, eat, and try not to fall.

Avoider thumbnail


A simple game with a simple name. A simple scrolling avoider game created using HTML5 Canvas and pure JavaScript.

Blocky Roads thumbnail

Blocky Roads

My first game made using Unity. A simple 3D ball rolling platformer.

The Whooper thumbnail

The Whooper

A very short adventure game made in Unity. No specialized tools were used, such as Adventure Game Creator. Created in 6 days for Point and Click Jam.

Stop Those Mokumokuren thumbnail

Stop Those Mokumokuren

Game built using libGDX for Public Domain Jam. Based on the mythical Japanese youkai, the Mokumokuren live in torn shouji. Keep them at bay.

Mobile Applications

National Parks of Japan thumbnail

National Parks of Japan

A map application using osmdroid to integrate OpenStreetMaps with Wikipedia and Flickr sources related to each national park in Japan.